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Gastown Panels

On April 22, a fire broke out between Carrall and Abbott streets in Gastown, Vancouver. The fire was significant and caused damage to several buildings in the area. One of the buildings that was affected was the Winters Hotel, which suffered significant damage and had to be demolished. In the aftermath of the fire, a project was initiated to create panels to be installed around the construction site where the Winters Hotel once stood. The purpose of the panels was twofold. Firstly, the panels were meant to pay respect to those who were impacted by the fire. Secondly, they were intended to assist with wayfinding in Gastown.

The panels were designed to provide information and directions to visitors to the area. The panels were designed to be functional and informative, but also visually appealing. The design incorporated elements that were representative of Gastown, such as its architecture, history, and cultural significance.

The panels were accompanied by a map of Gastown, to assist with wayfinding and highlight the businesses that had been rehoused during the fire.

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