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North Face

I had the pleasure of collaborating with North Face and Origin Outside to create a stunning mural for the newly renovated North Face store in Banff. The main mural spans the width of the store's 14ft changing rooms and showcases a map from the park gates of Banff to Jasper and the ice fields parkway.

The project's concept was to create a map highlighting the diverse range of activities and adventures available in the greater Banff area. This valley has a rich history as a sacred gathering place, serving as a site for healing, discovery, and celebration for many different Indigenous Nations for hundreds of years before being named "Banff" in 1883.

A special thank you goes out to my friend Daryl Kootenay, Tatunga Wagichi, who honoured this piece by sharing the story of this land and its importance to his Nation, Îyârhe Nakoda - also known as Stoney Nakoda.

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